Pieter pictured on the left at his farm.

Netherlands farmer Pieter Van Der Burg wins AGRAFIEK Award 2014

Claydon customer Pieter van der Burg from Oostwold in the Netherlands was announced by the judges as the winner of the Agrafiek Award 2014 in the category of agriculture.

According to the jury, Peter Van der Burg won due to the innovations he has made in his business to achieve sustainability in various aspects of his company.

Van der Burg uses many products as raw material or inputs on his farm. Examples include the growing of grain as feed for his chickens, straw as fuel for heating the stables and chicken manure for his cropping. As a result, his company is less dependent on fluctuations in the market.  Pieter uses his 7.5m Claydon Straw Harrow for stubble management and also harrowing in chicken manure with winter wheat.

Please click here for the Dutch video of how the Claydon 7.5m Straw Harrow is used to incorporate chicken manure with winter wheat on Pieter's farm.