Trailing ahead - First Impressions of the Claydon Hybrid T

Growing European demand has driven development at Claydon, but after two years it has a high-capacity trailed drill aimed at bigger farms and a much wider global market.

Running a business requires dedication and hard work. Just ask any farmer. But to branch out and begin manufacturing your own farm machinery is a completely different matter. For that you need to speak to Jeff Claydon, CEO and founder of Claydon Drills.

The Claydon family has been farming in Suffolk since the early 1900s, and Jeff and brother Frank are the third generation. In 1980 Jeff Claydon invented the first yield monitoring system to be fitted internally to a combine harvester
and has been diversifying into engineering ever since.

Jeff hasn’t just followed the market though, and instead of producing something that is already on sale, he has looked to his own family’s farm to develop machinery around their own requirements. As Jeff puts it: “We don’t just listen to the end user, we are the end user.”

Read the article from Farm Machinery Journal August 2014.