Claydon 6.3m Rolls With Paddle Boards


One of the most important factors in achieving effective crop establishment is ensuring thorough soil consolidation around the seeding zone.

Not only does a well-timed pass with a heavy set of Cambridge Rolls improve ‘soil to seed contact’, it also helps to retain moisture, reduce erosion, improve chemical spray contact and decrease slug activities.

With this in mind, the Claydon Rolls have been developed to allow farmers to effectively roll after strip seeding to ensure the crops are given an uncompromised start.

We offer 6.3m, 8.3m and 12.3m Cambridge Rolls.

Road Transport:
5 x 2.5m sections fold up horizontally to under 2.85m for road transport. With a low centre of gravity and excellent visibility the Claydon rolls are safe and stress-free to manoeuvre in-between fields. Hydraulic brakes, mud guards and light boards are fitted as standard.

Set Up:
setting up the rolls for work is simple and straightforward and can all be done from the tractor seat. Three sets of spool valves are required to unfold the machine. The rolls are also fitted with a unique Claydon stone box for carrying stones to the edge of fields or holding tools. For optimum performance the operator will leave the centre ram in float and the wing rams pressurised.

8400kg spread across 12.3m means the Claydon Rolls are applying 682kg of pressure per metre. The Claydon load transfer system ensures the rolls deliver uniform consolidation across the whole working width of the machine. 24 inch (600mm) breaker rings working on a 60mm shaft allow the rolls to consolidate down in the seeding rows, creating uncompromised finish.

With no more than 120hp required, the Claydon 12.3m rolls will achieve outputs of 6.63 hectares per hour driven at 6kph. The 12.3m rolls work perfectly with 24m tramlines and reduce tractor wheel passes on the field to a minimum.

The Rolls Concept

  • 1
    • 1. 600mm cast Cambridge and breaker rings

  • 2
    • 2. Heavy duty axle with hydraulic brakes

  • 3
    • 3. 520/50-17 flotation tyres

  • 4
    • 4. Weight transfer system ensures even weight distribution across the entire working width

  • 5
    • 5. Option or drawbar or link arms

  • 6
    • 6. Stone tray


Model 6.3m Rolls 8.3m Rolls 12.3m Rolls
Weight 4500kg 4990kg 8400kg
Weight per metre 714kg/m 601kg/m 683kg/m
Transport width 2.42m 2.42m 2.42m
Axel diameter 60mm 60mm 60mm
Ring diameter 600mm 600mm 600mm
Breaker rings Standard Standard Standard
Breaks Hydraulic/Air Hydraulic/Air Optional Hydraulic/Air Optional Hydraulic/Air Optional
Levelling boards Optional Optional N/A
Horsepower 90hp 110hp 140hp
LED lights, warning plates Standard Standard Standard
Stone box Standard Standard Standard
Tractor connection 2-point linkage or pickup 2-point linkage or pickup 2-point linkage or pickup