Claydon 15m Straw Harrow
New Claydon 15m Straw Harrow
Claydon straw harrow
Claydon straw harrow

Straw Harrow

Straw harrowing is the best way to encourage weeds to germinate.  Creating a quick and effective germination of weed seeds is essential in any direct drilling or min till establishment system.

The Claydon Straw Harrow will encourage weeds to germinate quickly from the same depth at the same time. Because weed seeds are mixed into the top 30mm of soil, all weeds will germinate.

By mixing up and exposing damp chaff and lying straw to sunlight the Claydon Straw Harrow will dessicate slug eggs and reduce slug activities on the surface of the soil.

Passing over oil seed rape stubbles every two weeks will hoe out cotyledons which will reduce this food source for slugs.

The Straw Harrow can be used in conjunction with the Claydon TerraStar.  The TerraStar is another stubble management tool which creates slightly more tilth at depths of up to 3cm, and is also able to operate when soil is harder and drier after harvest.  For more details, click here to visit the TerraStar page.

The Straw Harrow Concept

  • 1
    • 1 - Hydraulically adjustable tine angle

      • Change the working angle to suit field conditions to ensure optimum tilth is achieved • Quickly ease off pressure in wet or green trashy areas to avoid blockages
  • 2
    • 2 - ‘Wrap around’ extra thick, long life tines

      • Unique Claydon ‘wrap around’ design means the tines have no pressure points to snap • Claydon ‘wrap around’ design allows forwards speeds of up to 30kph • Turn on the headlands with the tines down in work to avoid trash build up; they won’t snap! • The ‘wrap around' design allows the tines to vibrate and create optimum tilth
  • 3
    • 3 - 150mm square box section

      • Claydon Straw Harrows are built to last. Their frame is designed to handle very high working speeds
  • 4
    • 4 - Five banks of tines

      • Huge clearance created by 5 rows makes blockages unlikely • 120 vibrating tines (on 7.5m model) engage the ground every 60mm ensuring the whole field is worked
  • 5
    • 5 - Road transport

      • All Claydon Straw Harrows fold down to under 3m for road transport • Lightboards and protection guards are fitted a standard


Model 3m Straw Harrow 7.5m Straw Harrow   12.5m Straw Harrow 15m Straw Harrow  
Hourly output (ha/hr at 20 km/h)* 4 10   16 20
Minimum power required (hp)* 60 150   250 300
Forward speed (km/h)* 15-25 15-25   15-25 15-25
Fuel usage (l/ha) 1 1   1 1
Road transport width (m) 3.00 2.24   2.60 2.75
Road transport height (m) 1.18 3.22   2.73 3.00
Weight (kg) 590 1,500   3,870 4,075
Pairs of tines 25 60   100 120
Hydraulically adjustable depth wheels No No   Yes Yes
Light boards & protection guards Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Tractor linkage CAT 2 mounted CAT 3 mounted   Trailed Trailed